The Essence of ‘Training Camp’

“Now is the time for all good men”…………..OK — never mind. 

I was going to say… “come together to form a football team at training camp”, but that is fairly obvious to the average fan, but that’s what should happen.  So I will explain the reasons a pro football team may need training camp (and pre-season) from (a fans)……my perspective.

This may not be a time when super bowls are won or records are broken, but it can definitely be the time when chemistry between teammates is formed.  The human ties that bind can be built and strengthened.  For a team such as the Arizona Cardinals, with a lot of new faces, it will be a very important time.

If you’ve ever been on a team at either school, or at work, or just in the community you realize that the human element will play a key factor in how problems are solved, issues are handled and games may be won and lost.  If you know your teammate; how they are, what they represent, where they will be (not only physically but mentally) and where they want to go, you can accomplish more than if you don’t.  Understanding who your teammates are as people, is the single most important ingredient in forming the team.  If you give when they take and you take when they give, successful, positive results will usually happen.  Providing insight to who you are and why you are on the team and what you hope to accomplish, gives each person their unique individuality in this setting and the long season ahead.

So from my perspective………..it’s not always about learning the plays, understanding the system, improving your strength and conditioning; to me it is about knowing who the person is that is now your teammate, that stands next to you ready battle, and has a common goal in mind!


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