Who needs a great QB? or an O-line?

Hello….. seriously, do we really need a great~ QB to get down the field?  No, but we do need someone to deliver the ball to the correct option and an offensive (noun) line not an offensive (adjective) line.

As a Quarterback, some of the best attributes are; trusting in your line and knowing how to read a defense.  The ‘so-called’ best QBs in the league have this down to a science.  A good arm helps and maybe a solid running game too (but that also starts with the O-line).

I have been a little frustrated ever since Denny Green ripped up the O-line about 7 years ago.  Remember when he sent Pete Kendall packing, had Leonard Davis playing the wrong position……………..well it seems we are still make a few of these mistakes.  Russ Grimm had better get these dudes playing better as a unit – together, same page, etc.  As a player Grimm had a lot of intensity, if I remember correctly, but he seems to be lacking some of that with our current line.  Get it right or the ‘Grimm’ reaper is on his way.

So with that off my chest……….I think both of these QBs can play effectively if they understand the system and trust their offensive line.  Tonight’s game will be judged by me on both.  If the 1st string O-line holds its own we will be able to tell >>> it’s the QBs that need work.  If the QB’s deliver the ball and makes the right adjustments >>> then it’s on the O-line that needs to work harder at getting better.  Both of these Offensive facets will need to be in prime operating mode when the real games start.  They will need to play in perfect synchronization to win games!

Go Big Red, make me proud…………to be a fan.


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