Mediocrity is not acceptable…….anymore!

Well….here we are 1 week away from the beginning of the 2012 season.  1) We haven’t selected a QB from the mediocre, if not, bad pre-season performances of Kolb and Skelton.  2) We still have an offensive line in flux, trying to work out how we replace the mediocre play of our injured left tackle.  Although the iteration of Batiste at LT and Massie at RT could work (may work…we will see).  3) Lastly, the defense seems inspired to be good, but has performed to a mediocre level in the ‘practice’ portion of our season.

As Cardinal fans we have suffered for many years.  Yes we did have our Super Bowl run and that was heavenly, because we proved that we can get there.  But we just didn’t quite finish.   They don’t remember the losers.  I was there 7 rows up behind the Cardinal bench watching it all take place.  I think from that day forward our vision has been adjusted to expecting more from this team.  The Cardinals may have changed their aura when we moved into the new stadium and the younger Bidwell starting making more of the moves, but we still, at times, see an inconsistent product on the field.   All we want is little more consistency on the field.  Not 1-6 then 7-2.

We don’t accept mediocrity anymore because we are passionate about winning.  The teams that get all the hype are consistent if nothing else.  They play without making mistakes, don’t beat themselves mentally, and execute at critical times.  I for one do not accept mediocrity anymore.  I see alot of positives with our team and if nothing else we can put some great players on the field, but they have to all play more consistently.  As a fan I have been a consistent supporter of The Cardinals for 15 years (missed 1 regular season game for my brothers wedding in Cali).  Day to Day consistency is what we produce in our jobs, family, and life to be successful, I’m just asking for the RedBird Gang to have some consistency this season.

I may be a little biased but…………………with consistancy , not mediocrity…………….we will be just fine!

Go Cards…………..make me proud to be a fan!



1 Response to “Mediocrity is not acceptable…….anymore!”

  1. 1 Adam
    September 9, 2012 at 6:24 am

    T minus 14 hours and counting to NO MEDIOCRITY!

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