All teams are starting with the SAME record!

OK, Here we go! 

Another football season is upon us and guess what……………there are still 16 games.  Every team has a chance right now and optimism is high.  No team has lost a game, nor won one.  But, after today there will be some teams that looked good, and others that really did not.   So the start of a season is always deceiving.  Those playoff team prognosticators and who will be in the Super Bowl predictions are made and will be scrutinized even after the first game.  I prefer to only make a few strong assumptions with alot of conviction.  Predictions are only exciting when you are right and can say…I told you so.  But be prepared to back it up with some facts.  Why did you make that prediction?  How did you know?  We all have opinions, that can be tempered by wrong predictions.  If you are always making wrong predictions, your opinion won’t matter. 

You can make changes in the off-season, during training camp, during the season and during a game.  These changes effect outcomes.  Gather the facts first.  Get the best players, look at your opponents strengths/weaknesses,  devise a game plan.  But ALWAYS be ready to make changes based on the actual facts!!!

We’ve all heard that saying “It’s not how you start…….it’s how you finish!”  Take last year for example.  The RedBirds were 2 different teams during the season.  Not so good in the first half and much better in the second half.  Last year we did finish strong.  But we didn’t get the right start.  All teams get a fresh start today.  The past means nothing.  Today there is no playoff teams or a Super Bowl Champion.

Everyone can get a fresh start,  you can make a fresh start tomorrow or do it today.  No matter how you start, you have the capability to finish strong.  So work hard, make changes based on facts, and then go out and JUST WIN BABY!

Let’s go Cardinals!!  ………….make this fan proud today!



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