Time for some ‘MNF’ respect…!!!!!!!

So you all have heard the saying…….”same old Cardinals”……  Well I get tired of that!!  These aren’t the same old Cardinals.  We’re in a new stadium, we have a new logo, we have alot of different players that seem to rise to the occasion when provoked to do so.  I want to make sure people don’t get a chance to say that again.  That change comes with some good performances in front of a national audience> Welcome the one day that normally we dread because it is the beginning of the week, but today, we love it!

Monday Night Football is classic and we should not take it lightly as fans.  Bring your A game, and make sure to let them feel it through their 60″ plasma and surround sound, assuming the east coast weather doesn’t knock out some electricity (our prayers are with you east coast).

This game we play twice a year is now becoming a classic West Coast showdown.  MNF is a spotlight game that the players, and the fans should relish for those 3 hours!  THIS will BE EPIC!!!!

We need to give our guys a good solid performance.  The great lawn will be awesome!  As usual the stadium will be buzz, and we will be as loud as we can.  This is the turning point in our season and I am glad the rest of the country gets to see how good this team can become. Maybe even more important how great our fans are!

I have taken a few weeks off, and the Cardinals lost!  So now I am back and better than ever.

It may have been just a coincidence that the Red Birds lost 3 in a row when I wasn’t writing down some of my thoughts and emotions on how they can play better.  So I have truly let the fans down that so depended on me blogging about this team.  I wasn’t putting my best effort forward.  So tonight I will and so will our team@!  They are going to give the Nor Cal boys all they can handle……….and then some.

Heading to Green Bay next week and will be blogging from the road.  Look for me and some cheese-heads!!

Go CARDINALS!! make me a proud Tuesday morning fan!!


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